Hand made with locally sourced materials in South Africa, it’s no surprise that the Q / / Jim Green Slip Slops could stand the test of time. If you have any experience with Jim Green boots, you’ll know that these are no ordinary thong flip flips. Full grain leather and EVA midsoles riding atop the same rubber found on the OR wedge sole and Anvil barefoot sole, you’d have better luck wearing through a pair of Armadillos than these bad boys. Each element is hand cut and then shaped to specification. The webbing and lashing all hand cut, folded and sewn. Comfort and durability are clearly at the forefront of design. That much is evident as soon as you slide your twisted, jagged claws into them and stroll off on your little jaunt. Available in a variety of different colors, there is a pair of Slip Slops for everyone you know. Hand cut, hand sewn; this is NOT fucking China my friends. This is Q // Jim Green Slip Slops 


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